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SAP Consulting

To be a competitive player on the global market, companies must adapt to ever-changing conditions. In such a dynamic business climate, a lean, cost effective and specific IT-solution must be found.


Our clients take advantage of our ability to combine strategic and business process know-how with IT-Competence. Our global team includes bilingual consultants who have an excellent understanding of local needs and can quickly develop an optimized solution.


As a partner for SAP roll-outs in Asia we enhance provided customer specific templates with the local needs and facilitate a smooth implementation through change management.


Our experiences with SAP not only cover the standard modules but also the following industry specific solutions:


  • SAP AFS - Apparel and Footwear Solution

  • SAP Retail - Retail Solution

  • SAP ISU - Industry Solution Utilities


Please contact us for details on our experiences.

Customer excerpt

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