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Interim Management

In an environment of merger and restructuring, challenges to find the right resources for a long term assignment,  the challenge to setup an office in Japan or Asia-Pacific or even close a subsidiary, for all that ENDEAVOR SBC provides expert services to help your business in 
the transition period.


We are well known for our pragmatic and cost efficient approach to setup companies in Japan. We have a proven track record of successful assignment and happy to share our expertise with you. Please find below some examples of our past and still current assignments. 

To find out more please contact us.

Our Services

  • Setup Japanese Subsidary

  • Representative Director Services

  • Turnaround programs

  • Value re-structuring

  • Acquiring Business Licenses (Medical device)

  • Liquidation

Software Company


For this project we were assigned in 2009 after actually selling one major license in one of our SAP project. The founder requested us to setup an office in Japan, hire a team and start operation in Japan. Initially ENDEAVOR SBC only provided Representative Director Services but in the meanwhile we were requested to actively steer their operation in Japan.


Medical Device


In 2012 we were requested from one of the leading medical device manufacturer for Endoscopes, Lithotripters and Shock Wave-Therapy Units to establish their Japanese Subsidiary. The services included office search, office build, staffing the team, Representative Director Services and support on getting necessary business licenses including the MAH status. We oversee the current operation and provide hands on support to be successful in the Japanese Market.


Liquidation Subsidary


In this case we were requested from a German Machinery company to take over the Representative Director position with the only task to liquidate the company and hand over tasks to a future distribution partner in Japan. After all necessary steps to close the company, we took over the role as liquidator and processed all necessary steps until the company was dissolved.

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