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EDI Consulting 

Connecting Business Partners – Integrating Processes – Worldwide – Across Organizational Boundaries


ENDEAVOR SBC is the sole provider of SEEBURGER solutions and your partner for EDI implementation in Japan. SEEBURGER, together with ENDEAVOR SBC´s local expertise, offers an All-in-One central Data Integration platform for your needs, with the most comprehensive solution for SAP and data transfer. Connecting with business partners in Japan can lead to difficulties due to local industrial standards like ZENGIN (Japanese Banks´ Payment Clearing Network) and JCA (Japan Chain Stores Association). Based on our own cloud system in Japan, ENDEAVOR SBC can support you in any matters regarding EDI across borders, internally as well as externally.


SEEBURGER was founded 1986 in Germany and holds a leading position in EDI and B2B integration, supporting more than 10.000 customers, operating in 55 countries with 19 offices around the world. SEEBURGER solutions cover 15 industries with tailored ready to run solutions based on industry standards and requirements.


ENDEAVOR SBC - Powering your implementation


  • 16 years of SAP implementation experience

  • In depth B2B/B2C process knowledge

  • Proven track record of successful implementations

  • Excellent Project Management


Please contact us for more details in regards to our experiences.

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

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