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eCommerce & Omni-Channel Commerce

We offer a full range of ecommerce and omnichannel retail consultancy services to B2C, B2B and mCommerce channels.


We help retailers, brands and distributors across the region to plan, build and improve their online sales and to coordinate ecommerce and store channels for maximum profit.


Our service portfolio includes:


  • eCommerce & Omni-Channel Retail Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy and Analysis (BigData)

  • eCommerce Business Process Improvement

  • eCommerce Fulfillments and Omni-Channel Retail Logistics

  • Buying & Merchandising Analysis and Optimization

  • eCommerce Technology Selection (ePOS, Mobile Commerce, Micro-location, Proximity Marketing...)

  • Retail Technology Planning and Application Selection

We provide customized eCommerce Solutions based on reliable state of the art  technology. 


Contact us for a demonstration with real live examples.


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