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Company Profile

What we stand for...


Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo.


The way we challenge the status quo is by asking enough questions (sometimes difficult ones), investigate and analyze with our own hands data and processes. Based on these results we improve together with the customers the processes and introduce state of the art solutions to establish a new status quo.


We ensure that we deliver on our promises.


Our CEO and Founder


Wolfgang Bierer


After receiving his Master Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University in Stuttgart in 1997 he joined the Hitachi Software Development Center in Totsuka Japan. He afterwards worked for several international consulting companies and focused his activities around Business Process Management, Cost Efficiency, Project Management as well as Change Management. In 2005 he took on the challenge of establishing his own company ENDEAVOR SBC in Japan. For details:



2005 Established ENDEAVOR SBC

2005 Head of Institute for Business Process Management at the Boston
         Business School, Switzerland

2006 Finished successfully SAP AFS Implementation for major  
         international sports company

2008 Establish Retail Consulting/ eCommerce practice

2008 Establish Retail Store in Daikanyama to sell
         German Designer Goods

2009 Established Interim Management Business

2011 Supported Earthquake relief effort with Second Harvest Japan

2012 Partnership with Hybris Software

Corporate Social Responsibility


Our CEO & founder Wolfgang Bierer was heavily involved in the relief efforts after the huge earthquake on March 11, 2011.

After ensuring that all staff were safe, he left Japan for 10 days and established a Charity organisation in Germany to raise funds for the relief efforts. Wolfgang first trip to Ishinomaki was on 1. April 2011 to deliver food and relief goods to people in need. Afterwards he had numerous trips to support Tohoku. His Charity as of today collected over 21 million Japanese Yen and all donations went without any deduction to Second Harvest Japan. Wolfgang is still today involved as a Board Member of Second Harvest Japan. Please support the great work of Second Harvest Japan.

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